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"Hands-Free, Guaranteed Gains: Investing in Social Housing, Securing Incomes for All!"

Our investors enjoy a secure and guaranteed income through profitable leases with housing associations.

We are deeply enthusiastic about the advantages of engaging in property investment within the social housing sector. This includes enjoying stable, low-risk, inflation-linked income, witnessing capital appreciation, and having the chance to make a positive impact with your funds.

We empower our investors to attain prompt and guaranteed income.

Social housing stands as a crucial pillar in every community, offering a secure and stable residence for those facing financial constraints. Simultaneously, it serves as a reliable source of income for institutional investors.

Investing in social housing projects ensures the safeguarding of your investment through extended government leases, spanning up to two decades.

Partnering with Rave Investments ensures a smooth and trouble-free experience for all our clients.

  • Portfolios

  • Blocks

  • Single Dwellings

  • No Voids

  • Contracts backed with Social Housing Provider 3-20 year lease

  • Full Managed and Maintained Property

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To complete the registration process and officially become one of our valued investors, we will need the necessary information and documents from you. These details will be requested upon the completion of a thorough review during a telephone call with you.

Required Information:

  • Proof of Funds

  • Photo ID

  • MIP in place (if you do not have this we can have a chat and help you through this process) not required for cash buyers

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